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Qualify leads and find more ways to connect 
Connections to billionaires
Published by: Altrata Client Success
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Expand your reach and mitigate risk

Published by: Altrata Client Success
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The End Fund leverages Altrata for due diligence and finding new prospects 

The team at The End Fund came to Altrata seeking data partners to access a global database of wealthy individuals and to shift their focus towards a stronger due diligence.

The End Fund team also realized that many of its fundraisers were in mid-conversations before running due diligence. Therefore, a thorough due diligence was key for the team moving forward.

The End Fund leverages Altrata’s global reach when prospecting.

Prior to this, most prospecting tools that the team came across were focused on US and Canada only.

Altrata’s relationship mapping is helping the team expand its reach when looking for new donors, especially when event planning. The focus has now shifted heavily towards due diligence and the team is noticing prominent differences.

In terms of connections, Altrata is just the best. It’s not easy to form relationships. Altrata helps you find an entry point to engage with your audience.

Stephanie Huggins, Senior Associate Director, The End Fund

Utilizing Altrata’s wealth data, due diligence, and relationship mapping, The End Fund has
uncovered a lot of new prospects and business.

The team relies on RelSci for day-to-day research and relationship mapping in the global
health community that it’s serving.
The team looks at how executives and board members are
connected to other companies. Sometimes the connections are not as straightforward, this is
where RelSci helps connect the dots and reach the right prospects.

Wealth-X’s thorough due diligence helps the team further refine its prospects and mitigate
risk by providing a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s net worth and source of wealth.

  • Client: The End Fund
  • Region: North America
  • Altrata products: Wealth-X and RelSci