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For C-level sales and marketing teams, information is critical. We built our latest platform to identify business priorities, find common threads, and discover powerful relationships across your most important accounts.

We had already built a digital database of 40,000+ Executive Profiles, offering our customers a wealth of insight into their target executives. But they wanted more. So we built a platform that runs on a proprietary algorithm and allows our customers to find key insights, valuable relationships, and common threads across groups of executives or accounts. It’s the kind of analysis that takes agencies weeks or months to produce, and we found a way to offer it in seconds.

Relationship mapping
Discover valuable connections among your top executives or accounts. Our Relationship Mapping tool allows you to uncover connections across your target executives or accounts. You can also see those relationships in context, to help you find the most meaningful connections.
Audience analysis
See an aggregate view of your audience, including common hobbies, interests, and more. Our Audience Analysis dashboard offers a 30,000-foot view of your target executives, allowing you to discover and analyze what they have in common. It's real and relevant information that takes guessing out of the equation.
Business priority analysis
Discover the trending business priorities across your target executives. Our Business Priority Analysis dashboard offers insight into what's top of mind among your most important accounts. You can also see a breakdown of those priorities by job title, role, and function.
Common threads
See the most common employers, boards, schools and interests across your group. By understanding what your target executives have in common, you can identify opportunities to create content and events that will resonate with your audience. Our Common Threads dashboard makes that easier than ever.
BI PRO solution

BI PRO solution

The BI PRO solution leverages the intelligence in our massive database of Executive Profiles to generate analytics and insights that can streamline and amplify your executive engagement strategy.

Ideal for:

Ideal for:

  • Large-account ABM
  • Enterprise marketers
  • Event marketers
  • Executive engagement teams
  • Executive sponsorship programs
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