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Beyond Giving Tuesday: 3 Ways to Maximize the Value of Year-End Fundraising

Published by: RelSci
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Giving Tuesday is upon us. For many, today is the start of the charitable season, when individuals and families focus on their end-of-year and holiday giving. At RelSci, we know that this a critical time for nonprofits to maximize the value of their fundraising efforts. Consider these three strategies as you move beyond Giving Tuesday into the holiday season.

Nurture Your Donors

One critique of events like Giving Tuesday is that they encourage “spot giving” – one-time gifts that prevent donors from giving on a recurring basis in the future. When properly nurtured, however, donors brought into the fold on Giving Tuesday can become valued repeat givers.

Make sure to include an ongoing engagement program as part of your fundraising plan. Stay in regular touch with your donors. Send a thank you message. Provide updates on how you put their donations to use. Regular engagement will help you turn a one-time donor into a regular supporter.

Encourage Ongoing Giving

On average, recurring donors are 440% more valuable than one-time donors. This Giving Tuesday, consider highlighting your monthly giving program in your messaging and outreach. When designing a monthly gift appeal, use these three tricks from Network for Good:

  • Make it easy: Make your monthly gift option convenient. Your monthly giving option should be easily accessible on your website. Consider including a simple check box to make any donation recurring.
  • Frame your ask: Place monthly giving at the forefront of your appeal. Instead of asking for a single end-of-year donation, encourage your supporters to sign up for a monthly gift instead.
  • Offer perks: Monthly donors offer special value to your organization. Make sure they feel appreciated. Consider a special status or perks such as invitations to exclusive events.

Secure Matching Gifts

Matching gifts play a large part in many Giving Tuesday campaigns. According to a recent study, matching contributions can increase giving by up to 20%. Matching motivates donors who might otherwise consider their contribution “too small to matter,” and increases the sense of urgency around giving today vs. in the future.

Both wealthy individuals and corporations can be good partners for matching gifts. To secure a commitment, you’ll need to build strong relationships. Consider leveraging your board for introductions to major gift prospects or like-minded companies. Using RelSci, you can identify individuals and companies interested in your cause and map your board’s relationships to them.

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