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New Altrata Report: Global Ultra Wealthy Population Shrinks by 6%
Enhancing your CRM data can supercharge your prospecting strategy

Happy New Year from Altrata

A letter from Altrata's CEO, James Lavell.

2022 was a big year for Altrata, in fact it was our first year as Altrata. In May, Altrata was created to bring five unique businesses, all focused on the world’s most influential individuals, together under one brand. Doing so, allowed us to focus on delivering further value to our clients and expand our global team to support our mission with key appointments such as our Chief Innovation Officer, Keya Hammond and newly appointed Director of UX/UI, Matt Smith.

The result has been the launch of several innovation and product enhancement focused initiatives dedicated to delivering further actionable insights, high-quality data, and intelligence solutions that continue to supercharge your workflows. 

Product innovation

As we innovate our intelligence solutions and build for the future, we are working with a client first approach. In 2022, we embarked on a significant product innovation initiative to develop new, dynamic Altrata products that will meet the evolving needs of our diverse client roster.

The first phase will deliver a unified data feed in one solution. Our Product and Data teams are working closely with our clients to gather feedback during this building phase to ensure we are delivering new solutions that help you create more impact.

Alongside this, we continue to invest in the development of our existing datasets, services and platforms.

Data enhancements

  • Wealth Data: More than 2 million wealth profiles were added or enhanced with new investments, connections, career history, donations and private foundations details.
  • Professional Data: More than 1 million professional profiles were added or enhanced with new and ended employment positions, IPOs, portfolio investments from constituents of the PEI300, and M&A deals.

Our data strategy team is also hard at work enhancing, refining and aligning our datasets to continue to strengthen our WealthEngine dataset. In addition, we have identified additional intelligence sources to bolster these profiles which will be rolled out early this year.

Updated Wealth and Investable Assets Model

At the end of 2022, we updated our Wealth and Investable Assets Model based on macroeconomic and country indicators and leveraging intelligence from the our dataset of profiles on the world’s wealthiest individuals. The result is more, accurate intelligence on lower ties of wealth, individuals with $1m in assets and more insight into the global wealthy as outlined in the World Ultra Wealth Report 2022.

Thought leadership

In addition to the World Ultra Wealth Report, we launched several new and refreshed thought leadership reports, all derived from our proprietary global dataset on the wealthy and influential. These reports include:

In 2023 we will continue to release data driven insights including the new CEO Report, launching later this month, which will reveal the backgrounds and strategic priorities of chief executives from across the globe. Please follow this link to access more thought leadership content from Altrata.

Strategic partnerships

At Altrata, we regularly partner with complementary SaaS businesses to develop joint solutions for our clients. Altrata’s suite of intelligence products are available to more clients, in more ways than ever before thanks to strategic partnerships with Snowflake, Launchpad and Salesforce, to name a few. 


As we kick-off 2023, the Altrata story continues as we focus on the synergies between our products and datasets. We are going beyond data, building better ways of working and deeper insights that amplify the impact they have on your teams and your business. 

Thank you for your ongoing partnership, feedback, and trust in Altrata. We look forward to providing you with updates on our progress throughout the year ahead and wish you a successful and happy 2023.

Best regards,

James Lavell CEO, Altrata​​​​​​